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Pioneers of Self-service KIOSK Concept

Service Centers in major metropolises of India. Service tier 3 cities through partner network.

One-Stop solution for Concept, Branding, Fabrication, Software Development and Customization under one roof.

Installed more than 2500 Transactional Kiosks.

Expertise in Customer Self-service machines and automation.

ITS is a leading provider of stylish kiosks with advanced kiosk hardware and software.

ITS offers the kiosk solution with best-of-breed kiosk software to suit your particular needs and requirements - ranging from simple unsupervised interactive kiosks for information delivery to highly sophisticated self-service transaction kiosks at public places.

ITS’ extensive expertise, kiosk product range with enhances tamper proof solution allows to seamlessly and effectively deploy kiosk projects at even unattended public locations.

ITS is not limiting its offering to touch screen interactive kiosks, internet kiosks, multimedia kiosks, information kiosks, and transaction kiosk but offers bespoke kiosk design, kiosk application development, remote kiosk management and kiosk monitoring services.

With smart implementation of methodologies, ITS has emerged as a leading provider of self-service kiosk solutions in short span after its inception.

With its customer centric kiosk products and the enterprise level server software, ITS can provide end-to-end solutions to its customers.

With increasing cost for customer acquisition, servicing, and retention the utility companies, financial institutions and other service providers are facing uphill task to support the customer in conventional way through customer service executives.

Kiosks provide broad product range to bridge the gap between customer and service executives, by allowing the end user to avail services in “Help Yourself“ manner.

Custom Designing / Branding

By leveraging continually evolving production technology tools, design nuances and experience gained in thousands of prior designs, ensuring consistent first-pass prototype success.This process tool accelerates time to market and eliminates costly rework steps.

ITS designs from the inside-out, eliminating “one-size-fits-all” limitations.Ongoing technology investments in CAD design tools and in-house prototype manufacturing equipment enable our Engineers to anticipate and lead all key elements of custom design (aesthetics, manufacturability, field reliability, serviceability, and cost).

Product development team primarily comprises of two groups

Industrial design

Software design

The software design group consists of

Kiosk client applications

Server application

Database design and management

Embedded system design

Corporate backend integration (CRM, SAP, IN Billing)

Installation / Deployment
  • The skill set consists of expertize in various programming languages, operating systems, databases.
  • With availability of state of the art industrial design tools, IDEs at the disposal, the team is able to rapidly deliver products as per customer requirements and in most cases exceeding customer expectations.
  • Pre-installation site surveys provide a methodical location review ensuring all utility, placement, and logistical factors are addressed prior to equipment arrival. This process step eliminates costly delays during the installation process.
  • Site preparation services onsite installation of needed items such as electrical, connectivity, and custom mounting brackets for the kiosk.
  • Turnkey installation from ITS, ensures the quickest and easiest project start-up for both indoor and complex outdoor services.
  • For larger deployments, ITS can provide custom deployment services to help stage, schedule, coordinate, and track deployment steps from start to finish.
Troubleshooting / Resolution Support

ITS with it’s modular, flexible service plans, is able to support the most demanding Service Level Agreements in the industry.

The vast majority of incoming problems can be resolved in real time, utilizing remote management tools or phone diagnostics. Customers can also provide the serial number from the unit exterior for immediate / automated records of every component, warranty record, and service terms tied to the enclosure.

One of two resolutions will occur on a support call:

Resolution through remote error message diagnostic and recovery without onsite visit

ITS representatives diagnose incoming issues; incase of hardware failure, instruct the service engineer accordingly to provide one step resolution by field support engineer.

ITS Customer Service Experts (hardware and software) are available 24-7 support including holidays.

As part of support services seasoned ITS professionals are trained to anticipate and resolve all your installation concerns, greatly simplifying your transition into field deployment. Turnkey site preparation, installation, and logistics management services for your project.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership is the underlying objective of ITS’ Extended Warranty Plan options. While ITS uses only the highest quality components, extended warranty is a reasonably priced option we encourage our customers to purchase. It provides an added level of field insurance, ensuring conservative parts stocking and the best service resolution times available.

Managed Services

ITS offers flexible service plans, with a proven track record of supporting stringent Service Level Agreements (designed for “mission-critical” deployments in retail and financial services).

ITS Managed Services contracts support

  • Automatic issue reporting
  • 10 minute response time
  • Alert monitoring
  • Tamper monitoring with counter action activation
  • Threshold monitoring
  • Single-visit resolution
  • Cash and cheque management
  • Pro-active preventive maintenance rather than periodic

Every kiosk solution deployed by ITS is managed and monitored through suite of enterprise server software. ` The server software suite is powered by underlying enterprise interface architecture and high speed message processing framework. Server suite provides comprehensive management of access control, physical inventory of kiosks, transactional data and fault tracking

  • Sentry
  • ICECare
  • OnGuard
  • TellIT
  • Abacus
  • Resolve
  • Quilt
  • Cocoon

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