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We are a global consulting & professional services firm providing end-to-end Technology, Engineering, Finance, BPO, BI Analytics & Leadership staffing services and solutions.

We cater to all the domains like Banking & Finance, Insurance, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals as well as the Public Sector.

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Driving Growth Through Innovation

Core Technology Expertise:-
  • Enterprise Applications: High End SAP Modules
  • Oracle product suite
  • Middleware Technologies
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Cloud Computing
  • BIG Data
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Network Hosting
  • Business Continuity
  • Mobile Applications
  • Design & Engineering
  • Testing

Enterprise Resource Planning software provide companies of all sizes to harness the power, accuracy and speed provided by centralized systems, improve business process efficiencies and to implement processes based on best practices being following worldwide for their kind of operations.

ERP’s have evolved from the manufacturing domain and are now available for the entire spectrum of industries.

Implementing ERP is one of the most important decisions for any organization and we stand alongside senior management assisting them to evaluate, finalize and then implement in the best possible manner.

We specialize in medium to large sized implementations where complexity is as big a challenge as is reputation.

Details of our ERP offering

“When managers of a company select an ERP package to implement, they are ‘buying into’ the ERP vendor’s view of a certain industry’s best practices and relying on the system to support their efforts to embrace these practices.”
- Marianne Bradford, Author – Modern ERP

“ERP is first an attitude; second, a process, and only third, a set of tools.”
- Alexis Leon, Indian software consultant and Author of ERP Demystified.

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