IT Staffing Solution

It is a familiar simple and common scenario these days: A company suddenly has an urgent need for personnel on a short term, project basis to do an individual project work. Considering the task’s short-term nature, candidates are not interested in such opportunities. Moreover, companies do not need just anybody, but people with sufficient technical skills to do the job in the most competent manner.

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Strategic benefits of staffing solutions

Savings in development cost for technological projects

Being able to work with domain

Hire multi-skilled professionals with ease and avoid long term commitments

Delivering the desired results

Adept with latest technologies

Save on precious time
Flexible Business Models:
  • Contract Staffing
  • Contract to Hire Staffing
  • Permanent Staffing
  • Offshore
  • Onsite
  • Onsite – Offshore

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For niche requirements, which cannot be fulfilled from the local markets, we can source & second resource (dual nationality resources) from our other international offices or can second on proper work permit, which would allow them to work on the assignments.

Some of the most important reasons why IT Directors & CIOs choose to outsource:-
These jobs require extensive labor to complete but don’t warrant bringing on full-time staffers that would just be let go after the job is complete. By using staff augmentation to outsource this job to a professional IT consultant, a company can complete the project without burning out the current staff or having to make temporary hires of unaccustomed staff.
A company can outsource IT professionals trained in disciplines from .Net and Government compliances to storage solutions and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). The modular nature of managed service provider staff augmentation services allows the company to adjust staff levels as full-time employees are brought into the fold.
In these times, bringing in a fully trained staff from a managed service provider can eliminate the need for costly training every year. The plug and play nature of the service makes it perfect for use with these businesses.
There are several functional departments that require technical assistance on a daily basis. In a small company, it may not be possible to budget for multiple IT techs to cover vacation time. By using staff augmentation to outsource the IT needs to a managed service provider, a company can give its IT staff vacation time without compromising the everyday workings of the business.
With so many specialties in the IT world, it isn’t always possible to hire a staff that covers them all. When a company needs a particular specialty like HIPPA compliance or VPN setup for a short term project, it makes more sense to use staff augmentation services to outsource the project than to hire an additional staff member.

Engineering Staffing Solution

What makes us so good?

We deliver value

  • We help you maximize your profits through acquiring & moving out non-core functions
  • Faster services, better quality, competitive pricing
  • No job is complete until the customer is satisfied
  • We provide services that fit your requirements & budget
  • Experienced resources in hard to find technologies

ITS is always at the forefront of technology and innovation. We have our fingers on the fast changing trends & technologies of this Industry. Our qualified staff have extensive skills and experience in almost all the leading industry software suites like Autodesk, Bentley, Intergraph and Aveva. They are experts in the following areas-

Piping/Mechanical engineering
Process engineering
Electrical engineering
Instrumentation & Control engineering
Civil/Structural engineering

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